New Jersey Car Accidents

N ew Jersey motor vehicle accidents are all too common. According to the state’s Attorney General office, there were 586 fatal car crashes that caused 627 deaths in 2011; this is an increase of 56 deadly collisions and 71 deaths, which averages out to 1.71 fatal car crashes every day (). Car accidents occur on regular days, but sadly holidays are no exception. Data compiled by the New Jersey State Police show that eight fatal crashes occurred over a 72-hour period during Memorial Day weekend in 2011. During Thanksgiving of 2011, there were 11 deadly car crashes over a 96-hour period. Many factors can contribute to a motor vehicle accident, including distracted driving and alcohol use.

Distracted Driving

texting while drivingDistracted driving is a term that refers to any type of activity that takes the driver’s attention away from driving. Distracted driving puts the driver, passengers and bystanders in danger. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration lists the following as examples of distracted driving:

•    Texting
•    Using a cell phone or smartphone
•    Eating and drinking
•    Talking to passengers
•    Grooming
•    Reading, including maps
•    Using a navigation system
•    Watching a video
•    Adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player

Every state has specific laws about distracted driving. In New Jersey, it is illegal to drive with a handheld device. It is also illegal for any driver to text while driving. For novice drivers, there is a ban on all types of cell phone use during driver, both handheld and with a headset. This law also applies for bus drivers.

Drunk Driving

Drunk and Drugged Driving in New JerseyNew Jersey State Police data show that 31.3 percent of fatal car crashes in 2011 involved alcohol use; just over 16 percent of all drivers were legally intoxicated. In total there were 167 car crashes in which intoxication (drugs and/or alcohol) were a major factor, causing 187 deaths. Overall, there was a 14.7 percent increase in alcohol-related deaths in 2011. There was an 18.8 percent increase in the number of fatal car crashes with blood alcohol levels above the legal limit.

What To Do And Not To Do After A Car Accident

After A Car AccidentCar accidents can be stressful moments for many of us. Nevertheless, we must always remember to protect our legal rights by knowing what to do and what not to do. Have any questions about that? Here is some professional advice courtesy of Parker Waichman LLP Managing Attorney Gary Falkowitz.

Help for Car Accident Victims

As a national law firm we have vast experience representing individuals who have been injured in car accidents in New Jersey. Our firm is here is to help anyone who has questions about their legal rights after being injured in a car accident. Call Parker Waichman LLP at 973-323-3603 for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case today.

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